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The Otto Platform is the modular outdoor professional kitchen system from Otto Wilde that adapts to your needs and grows accordingly. The siblings of the G32, which are bringing your outdoor kitchen to life, are presented in more detail below. We are revolutionizing the home grilling market – be part of this exciting journey!


G32 Connected

G32 Smart

The G32 connected offers the possibility to read the burner temperature and the core temperature of the food with your smartphone. You can still operate the grill’s controls with your grilling fingertip and thus control the temperature of the grill. You can load lots of delicious recipes straight onto your G32 via the brand-new Otto Wilde App. As soon as predefined temperatures are reached our you need to readjust the heat, you’ll receive this feedback via the app as well. 

With the G32 Smart, the burners and temperature zones can be controlled from your smartphone using SmartValve technology. The burners can be grouped via the FlexZone function using the app. Of course, you can also load recipes onto your grill with the smart version. And that's not all! The automatic temperature control takes care of your favorite dish when you don't have time to stand at the grill yourself.


Otto’s C16

Otto’s G32 Connected

Otto’s G32 Smart

Contains a powerful pot support with dual burner

Connect grill & smartphone and have your BBQ food in sight at all times.

Monitor food, set temperatures, create temperature zones - all via your smartphone!

from €999.00

from € 3,199.00

from € 3,999.00


Otto’s C16 Add On

Hook it up and get started!

€ 699.00


"The prototype of the G32” Connected is definitely one of the most promising gas grills we have ever tried. A grill that's made entirely of stainless steel, that has cast stainless steel burners, that has a lifetime warranty on the stainless-steel parts, and that also has all the smart features, there's no other grill like this.”

Thorsten Brandenburg


BBQ World Champion - 2017


Otto’s S32

Otto’s S24

Otto’s S16

S32 is twice as wide as the S16 and offers storage space for everything your grilling heart desires.

S24 is our medium sized module. Choose for yourself whether you want drawers or cabinets.

S16 offers you an extension of the work surface & additional storage space.

from € 1099.00

from € 899.00

from € 799.00

Otto’s S16 Add On

Otto’s T16

S16 Add on can be easily hooked into the side of any other module.

T16 easily hooks into a module of your choice & adds side storage shelves.

Premium Quality

€ 459.00

€ 149.00


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 "It features only highest quality materials as well as cutting-edge, patent-pending technology so you’re getting an extraordinary grilling experience for an unbelievable price."

"Most successful German Kickstarter campaign of all times."

"The fact that this grill is modular is super exciting and it means that you can customize the grill to your liking, allowing you to expand your outdoor kitchen to your heart’s content."


Otto’s S90°

Otto’s S32 Sink Edition

Otto’s Fridge Ready Module

S90° also lets you build around corners. So that you do not waste space, there is an integrated storage solution.

The S32 with integrated sink - So you can do your dishes directly in your garden.

Our module for a built-in refrigerator is designed for the installation of an outdoor refrigerator. 

€ 1,499.00

€ 1,599.00

€ 899.00


Otto’s Pizza-Set

Otto’s Griddle Plate

Otto’s Smoker Box

Our pizza set consists of pizza stone & a stainless steel frame. The pizza stone is made of cordierite and is extra large.

Our extra large grill plate gives you plancha feeling for your G32. It is made of solid stainless steel.

Our extra wide smoking box for phenomenal taste experiences.

€ 99.00

€ 279.00

€ 179.00

Otto’s Rotisserie

Otto’s Handles

Otto’s Smart Upgrade

Our rotisserie consists of a powerful motor that can turn heavy grilled food without any problems.

To lift your accessories out of the grill without burning yourself, we have developed the clever handles.

The Smart Upgrade for the G32 Connected gives you the possibility to unlock all functions of the G32 Smart afterwards.

€ 159.00

€ 24.00

€ 1,399.00

Cover for Otto’s Platform

G32 Special Drawer Update

To protect your grill from dust and water, we have developed a smart cover for you.

The G32 Drawer Upgrade gives you the option to replace one side of your G32 cabinet with 3 drawers.

Coherent Design

from € 149.00

€ 349.00


High class gas grill

Our G32 is made of high-quality components and is completely made of stainless steel. In addition, it is equipped with a variety of sophisticated features that support you sensibly when grilling. We are absolutely convinced of the quality and give you a lifetime warranty on all stainless steel parts.


We connect your smartphone with your grill. Monitor or control your G32 from anywhere. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to read out temperatures (Connected) or even adjust them (Smart) via our Otto Wilde app. You can also use the app to check the level of your gas bottle and be guided through recipes. 


Realize your own dream of an outdoor kitchen by laying the foundation today with our G32. You can easily integrate modules like side stoves, cabinets or even our top heat grill into your setup. 

XL Rotisserie Burner

We have developed an extra long rotisserie burner to take advantage of the full width of the grill. The burner has 5.2kW and reaches perfect results with up to 600 °C.

Commercial grade burners

4 commercial grade, cast stainless steel burners for roaring power! Stainless steel burners: each 4,1 kW (100 – 450 °C).


Two drip trays which easily fit a dishwasher, and are housed in a full-width, telescopic drawer.

All the space you need

The four-section main grill grates measure 81 by 46 cm. In addition, you can still fall back on the warming grate. Enough for a barbecue party!

Meat Probe

The G32 includes a meat probe that gives you full control over the cooking process. Reliable and accurate - the perfect core temperature every time.

GasBuddy System

The GasBuddy function saves you from unpleasant surprises and shows you the exact fill level of your gas bottle on your smartphone. So you always know when you need to change the gas bottle and can be sure that the gas is still enough for the next barbecue. The scale is integrated in the G32 itself.


The name says it all: classic, pragmatic, simple - a true original. Expand your G32 Connected or Smart with two T16 modules to accommodate your O.F.B. or to have enough work surface for creative dishes. 

Original includes the following modules:


You like to emphasize the taste of good meat with a fine sauce? With our Dream Professional, you save yourself a trip to the kitchen. Simply prepare various side dishes, sauces, etc. on the C16 module. In addition, the S16 offers you a generous work surface and the possibility to safely store all accessories. 

Professional includes the following modules:


Der perfekte Grillbegleiter- Mit ihren unterschiedlich geformten Greifflächen ist unsere Zange der universelle Begleiter beim Grillen.

Otto Wilde

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